ESG & Carbon Accounting Platform


Product Manager


Product Roadmap, Backlog Prioritisation, User Research, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Stakeholder Communication, Competitive Research


The client had built a sustainability accounting platform for their enterprise customers in the hospitality industry, but they were experiencing performance issues even with only a few hundred users. Building a new feature took many months and often had to be rolled back due to breaking errors.

As sole Product Manager, my task was to lead a team of remote developers and a designer to re-architect, rebuild, and relaunch a faster, more scalable version of this B2B SaaS product, Sustainolution (not its real name).

  1. User Personas: The team conducted user research to identify the primary user persona and prioritised their workflow, which was to input and verify the accuracy of utilities data.

  2. Streamlined Information Architecture: Worked with developers and designer to redefine and reorganise data models and information hierarchy around the primary user persona.

  3. Agile Development Cycles: Executed development in two-week sprints within a twelve-week release cycle. Continuously measured velocity and introduced process improvements to maintain high velocity.

  • Relaunched an all-new version of a complex SaaS platform with 3 major new features in just 9 months, with an additional month to migrate existing users over.

  • New platform was more technically scalable and enabled us to later iterate and build many new features that had been stuck on the roadmap for years before.

  • Improved workflows supported wider team collaboration and enabled client to close and onboard 200% more contracts.